Anti-water Contouring Cream

Product description

This total-action cream has been specifically designed to help redefine the figure and promote the elimination of toxins.

Its extra-powerful formula combines Laminaria digitata, a seaweed renowned for its slimming action, with “anti-water” ingredients to prevent the appearance of cellulite, sculpting and refining the body.

Its creamy texture is ideal for use in massage, a technique that increases its effect.

I like
  • Fights all forms of excess fats,
  • Formula boosted in actives targeting water retention that affects 2/3 of women,
  • The tissues decongest, the quality of skin improves, the silhouette harmonizes.
Thalion recommendation

Apply to the whole body until completely absorbed, insisting on the areas to be treated (waist, hips, bottom, thighs, knees, arms and stomach).