Turbo Sculptor Pack

Product description

Genuine cocktail of high-performance marine ingredients, this starter with frosted gel texture offers two levels of efficiency: it acts as a home wrap to reshape the figure and improves the firmness of the skin, thanks to its formula boosted in marine silicium. This formula released all night long, offers a slimming support 24 hours a day.

I like
  • New formula with double slimming & firming action.
  • Ideal between 2 wraps of algae for an intense mineralization and higher efficiency.
  • Release of active ingredients all night long.
  • Easy-to-use frosted gel texture with a fresh fragrance.
Thalion recommendation

Apply preferably at night over the whole body until complete absorption, insisting on the areas to be treated (waistline, hips, buttock, thighs, knees, arms & abdomen). To boost its efficiency, then apply your usual Thalisvelt product.